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Tekkit Server Coming Soon!

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Hello guys!

So i have decided to make another server with a bunch of Friends. We are working very hard on getting this server public!

Now you might be thinking Great Another server to add to the list of endless servers that's out there, And you are right, This is just like any other server, But we will have EE enabled!


This Server will be called HowlerGaming.

Ill give you a little information on HowlerGaming while you are still here. Howlergaming was started with three mates with one dream. That one dream was to get a good Tekkit-Classic server going, With updates every week! When we finally got together and had a little talk among us, We decided that we should combine all out efforts and strengths to get this server going! We had thought of a date that we could release the server, We had to think very carefully about this and we decided to release this server to public on the 1st of April! This gives us less then one month and we still have a lot to get done! Now there is 3 people working on the server, There is Myself (Deano990), Dragon67890 (Co-Owner) And FMLLL (DEV).

Update log: 4th March 2013:

Started work on the server. (Deano990, FMLLL)

Working on Website (Deano990)

Made some awesome buttons for the Website. (FMLLL)

Got Est time to release the server. 1st April 2013

GroupManager scrips finished and configuration still needed and is on its way (FMLLL)

AutoAnnouncer configured (FMLLL)

Citizens configured (FMLLL)

CleanChat added and configured (FMLLL)

Factions configured (FMLLL)

Hawkeye updated to 1.0.7b (FMLLL)


Pictures are coming very soon. As soon as we build some things i will upload them.

Please post plugin suggestion, So i can see what you would like to see on the server.

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Good thread, wrong place

Suggest re-post here http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/open-servers.28/

Ensure it follows the guidelines here @ http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/rules-and-guidelines-for-server-posts.24396/

And be sure to read both posts of those guidelines

P.S Mods, if you are chasing my replies slapping up "No Backseat modding" warnings left and right I'm sorry but I'm too helpful for my own good some times XD

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I can see the coming soon, it's right there in the title that I clicked on to get here

I see it as a server post (ready or not) so I responded as such

I'm leaving this topic to whoever else decides to stop by, Sorry for jumping to conclusions replying how I saw fit, good luck with your server

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