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[1.3.2]Tekkit Kingdoms![PVP][Essentials][Factions][No Banned Items][20 slots][iConomy]


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Welcome to Tekkit Kingdoms!



Be all you can be. Join, play, kill and be the ultimate warrior.Buy the newest items and beat all others in many different maps survive and make a fortress be the strongest in survival. There is a lobby and a shop and more activities coming soon. You will gain diamonds for winning arenas and you can sell them to gain money or build your own shop. Also survive in the wilderness and craft the newest items.

Arenas have been closed down for maintaining!(New pictures coming soon!)

See you there!



· All mods on!

· Iconomy,Chest shop, Sign shop,World guard, core protect!

· Server on 24/7

· Open Server

· Were a new server and we have 2 ops me Drankis18 and aleksis581.

ike pvp.

Banned Items:

NONE, but if you grief spawn you will be banned and griefing will be unbanned.


I started the server because I liked the idea of having arena battles, survival, spleef all combined in a server i have seen other servers where there are arenas and battles, but usually

its all in a lobby and there is no survival.


No hacking

No breaking spawn

No racism

No begging for op

No asking for items

and other common rules!

And most importantly: Be Happy!


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