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Nuclear Reactor on/off click bordering on torture. Disable it?

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Hello everyone,

I apologize if this isn't the right place for this question, but my googlefu has failed me and I don't know where else to ask.

My friends and I recently (very recently) started playing on our own Tekkit classic server. It's been a blast until today. We set up a couple of nuclear reactors attached to thermal monitors so that they could "hover" at 6800 degrees (we don't know how hot it can run, so we guessed). Unfortunately, when "hovering" at that temperature, it makes a constant "on/off" clicking sound. That specific sound is SO LOUD that we've all had to completely mute minecraft. I removed the monitor and used a plain old switch, and it is in fact the reactor turning on/off making the sound.

Does anyone know what .ogg file belongs to this obnoxious click? I can't seem to find any sound file that matches it, and it is easily ten to fifteen times louder than ALL the other sounds playing.

If not, does anyone have a recommendation for letting a reactor hover without making this on/off ticking sound until my ears bleed?

Thank you.

Edit: Just to note, we even buried the reactor at bedrock and we can still hear it ticking from the surface. It doesn't seem to follow any of the conventional minecraft sound logic.

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