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Wireless Farming Turtle Commands

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Hello fellas. I'm having a bit of an issue with Tekkit and Tekkit Lite.

I was tired of running around and harvest my plants, such as wheat and carrots, so I built myself a wireless farming turtle. Although, I can't seem to get it to do an automatic harvest cycle from the computer with the wireless modem. I've been able to run the program "lua" by typing it in on the computer, but then a message on the computer pops up that says:

lua:36: [string "lua"]:1: '=' expected

If anyone can tell me how to connect to the farming turtle to make it do an automatic harvest cycle through commands on the computer, then thank you.

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well, look at line 36 of your program.

if you assigning a variable it should say something like "x = 15". if you are comparing results it should say "when x == 15..." or "when x != 15..."

feel free to post your program as there are plenty of nerds on here who can help.

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