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Graphical Glitch In Tekkit Lite


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At first, when I place down any electrical machine from IC2, it looks fine. When you log off or restart the server, the textures seem to flip in a direction.

This is extremely annoying to me, so hopefully you guys can find a solution. I've got nothing.


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If I understand you correctly Plow that means in Tekkit Lite 0.6.1 this should be fixed. I am currently running a 0.6.1 server and this is still occuring.

Not sure if this is caused by the same thing but for some reason my zombies have no arms or faces. I am using the T42 texture pack.

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Wow. Necropost.

Def3ct1ve: If this is happening for you in 0.6.1 then you are having a different problem. And yes, if your mob textures are not showing parts of the model then you likely have a very out of date texture pack.

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