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Question about Map creation and tekkit prob


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I checked a few pages of the discussion and didn't see anything relating to what I'm about to ask.

My question is, if I start working on a server using only default tools and basic MC will I need to restart the map when tekkit is updated?

I was just wondering cause I figured the block ID problems may only relate to the industrial/buildcraft items and I was hoping I could do a bit of work on my map without messing with the complex stuff.

If the resources or mod generated blocks in the terrain are subject to problems then I'd probably be better off starting over again when tekkit is restarted.

Thanks, any help is appreciated.

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I started my server as a tekkit server. Then I upgraded to tekkit. We played and everything was fine, but the tekkit resources is ONLY in the new chunks. So whatever we explored had no copper,rubber trees, oil or anything tekkit.

My tip would be dont explore much until you upgrade to tekkit, maybe just get your foothold, and stay as central as possible, or only go one direction from spawn, so after tekkit you can just go the other direction from spawn and be loaded with the new stuff.

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