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Tekkit on 1.2?


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Hello guys!

I was searching through the forum, so I hope this is not answered here. I am playing with my some friends on my notebook server and 'bout two months back i found this modpack, we were so excited so it works on multiplayer so I installed it. I can't think about playing without tekkit now. But it's been quite a while and our save is dumb (created in beta 1.7 or something, so we had to move on patches for about ten times). So we decided to make a new save, transport some things from our save and play on tekkit when it will come out on minecraft 1.2. But praying doesn't help us, new version is nowhere :(. We could Wait ofcourse, but could you say some date when you will make it for patch? I am really looking forward to jungles, cats, new world types... Thank you for answer.

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Responses above me are good. You do have to be careful about asking questions that mods feel are asked too often. Craftbukkit may not be released for quite a while for 1.2.

I also wanted to add that in the Technic SSP forum, there 's a post that is updated daily with the status of Technic pack mods and 1.2.4:


As you can see, with the exception of Crafting Table II, I believe that all the Tekkit mods are up to at least 1.2.3, for single player. I'm pretty sure the multiplayer for those all require bukkit, though, so I do not think any are available for multiplayer. As someone said in that thread, there are a huge number of bugs in 1.2.x related to Anvil, so it is possible that it may be skipped altogether for the Technic pack. I would assume the same could be said for Tekkit.

I, also, am very excited about 1.2, but it's clearly way too early to be asking about a Tekkit release for it. You have as much information as anyone here about when bukkit may be available for 1.2, and it's really the bottleneck for everything.

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