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[1.1.3]VoltzServer[Fun/Build/Protection][Factions][Open Server][10 slots]


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Server IP:

  • Server rules: Enjoy the server, Dont whine when ur shit is destroyed, dont sit and camp at spawn to kill peope.
  • Voltz pack Changes:
    No changes have been taken other than a few plugins,(LSW) they simply allow players to protect their machines, and chests when offline simply do /cprivate name

Commands: /cprivate name..., /cremoveall

  • Restrictions: Antimatter explosives, Red-matter explosives and hypersonic explosives are disabled
  • Information: Made the server for some friends but decided to open it up. Everyone is playing fair, even myself(Well depends if you call raiding fair haha)
  • The server is usually up all the time (VPS), but may go down for abit for maintenance and plugins.
  • Anyone can join, as long as they dont spam the chat about whining or they will be banned.

Enjoy the server, if you spam me or ask for admin etc I will ignore you as I even play fair without spawning/creative as its been disabled by a plugin.

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Hi all! My in game tag is Tigger12UK :) I was wondering if it would be okay to play on this server? I've been looking for a server that has pvp and what not but isnt like 200 slots like the greify one or the hideout server, No problem if not, I'm on it at the minute trying to find somewhere to establish but if i cant play on i then that's fine :) Cheers!

P.S. This is my first post on here so please be nice :P

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Poop I would like to recommend sum plugins to make the server more fun.

First of all, you should enable teleporting/tp so we can see what other players want

second,(this is recommended) I think turning on keepInventory gamerule on so when players die, they don't get frustrated if they lose their items in lava or some sort. Players do get killed by others and get their items stolen, which I am fine with.

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