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Merging 2 textures


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So,basically what i am trying to do is to merge 2 texture packs,and by merging i mean adapting 1st one to tekkit by using sphax tekkit textures.(Not sure if i can do this,but here is the link) http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/626805-64128256v132146-minecraft-enhanced-updated-1220-fireworks-and-magic-books/

I want to adapt this to tekkit by using http://bdcraft.net/forum/128x64x32x-tekkit-smp-312-addon-pack,but i simply don't know how to,if anyone can help me make this and have a great peace of artwork and a better texture pack,i would be very grateful.


I don't want you guys to merge these 2 and just give them to me,i want help in which programs do i use to adapt and before everything,open the pack to be able to edit it

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