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Small, private server (made 20% more fun!)


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~Congratulations! You're reading the description for once!~

This is just a small server to search for those few that are wanting to play instead of troll, grief, or just generally be annoying. If you are either one of those, Please fall in a pit. Right now. And never get out. This is a cracked server for those who do not have an account, but by no means does that mean anyone can get on.

For those who aren't, welcome to the right place for once. This is a server to make things a little more interesting than just your standard run. This is more of a joyride than a merry-go-round, so take off your kneepads and training wheels, and let's get started

For those who hate how easy-mode EE2 is, this is just the place for you! Because there is none.


I hate EE.

I've also modified several other things, to make it more realistic. As realistic as minecraft can get, at least.

I did all of this to expand the horizons, because there was stuff in tekkit that never gets used, and is actually very neat and interesting to utilize.

Currently, the server is heavily whitelisted, so if you want to join, you're going to have to prove it to me thoroughly, because I'm not looking for jumpers, just some people that I won't regret letting on in the first place.

Also, if you're younger than 12, for your sake and mine, Please go somewhere else.

The world is an unforgiving place, and this is no exception.

So, if you think you have what it takes, go ahead and apply!

I'll be waiting.



Tekkit classic | Cracked | 10 slots MAX


  • EE disabled
  • All power generation reduced by a factor of 10
  • (16 for solar)
  • Hunger altered (Not telling you how >=3 )
  • All farming except for IC farming dramatically reduced
  • Mob cap raised from 70 to 150
  • Mobs do damage
  • Mobs now swarm you
  • Mobs will now be a problem
  • Mobs will be your worst nightmare
  • The Mobs are coming for you
  • The Mobs are coming for you

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