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[0.5.7] Private / Invite only 5 slot server


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Hey there, I've been hosting my own private server for some time now to play with my girlfriend, and I have decided to open up the server to some new people. For now I'm looking for one or two people who would be interested. These are the rules. Please PM me a little about you to be considered. Please include the following: 1. Name 2. Age 3. Location

Server Rules:

1. No PVP - This is strictly a build server

2. No intentional lagging of the server

3. No griefing/trolling other players

4. No stealing resources from other players

There is a 1 strike policy on the aforementioned rule list. If you're not mature enough to follow them, don't even apply.

To play on the server there is zero cost to you, however, if you want Creative mode we can negotiate.

If you want voice chat, I do own a Mumble server.

Server Owner: Me , 26 yrs old, located in California.

I look forward to any responses.

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Hello Bilago i would like to join your server :) heres my stats:

1. My real name is Trey Broomfield and my Minecraft username is M1N3D37H

2.i I am 16, please don't get discourage by my age i actually behave maturely.

3. I live in El Paso Texas.

I have received high rankings on other servers such as Architect (Craftblock-server) and Mod (BuildWorx-Server)

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Thank you for your reply Trey, I would be definitely interested in talking to you further. I am going to follow up this post with a PM to you with my steamID so you can add me to your steam friends list. If you do not have steam we can figure out an alternative method of communication. Until then, have a good one.

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Hey Bilago Im really tempted to join the server.so here are my stats

1.Name is Omar K. not gonna tell it all private reasons

2.Im 15 and mature sometimes I like to crack some jokes

3.I live in UAE

I want to join this server cause of being discouraged to join large servers from griefers

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I am very interested on live streaming on your server... but here is your request

Name: Kiel(Kyle) Hamilton



Why this server?:Because i want to work with a very small community but if i could live stream that would be great. I am a very good builder i wont just build a box for a house i always add stuff to it i will be very kind i have never griefed or stolen from anyone. But just get back to me... it might be to late but if not definitley message me!

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Hello bilago, My name is Casey and I find that your server may be what I'm looking for.

Minecraft username: maxwellpayne13

Country of origin: Good old U.S.A

State: currently Missouri, but born and raised in California

Age: 19

I would like to find a small server that does not allow griefing or stealing so that I might be able to build in peace and possibly have some good conversation while I do so. I would also like to make youtube videos based on my exploits...if that would not be preferable then I can do that on my own private server or single player. I do have steam and skype if you would like to contact me. Message me if you would like more information.

Steam ID: maxwellpayne13

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My name is Alan. I'm 28 years old. From SLC, Utah. I just like to build epic things with tekkit lite. I've mostly built in single player, but I've recently found myself wanting to build as a group. Every server I try, I team up with people adn then get robbed blind. I just want to find a server with very rules and restrictions on the mods but with players truly interested in working together to create awesome things. A small private server is exactly what I need.


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hello i am interested in applying for this server...

Name:My name is Kalen

Resume: i have recieved an array of high ranks on multiple such as admin (killcraft server), Mod to Admin to Co-Owner o (kings craft), as well as a current Mod on a tekkit lite server known as "Anarchy". which can be found here http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/free-for-all-nowhitelist-pvp-20-slot-open-no-mods-removed-grief-prevention.55684/

I anxiously wait for apply and hope you are satisfied with my application.

Oh and i am located in phoenix arizona and am 15 years of age with a high maturity level. i have never been banned from a server in my life.

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