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Tree capitator doesn't work in .0.6.1 & project table glitch?

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I just setup a brand new 0.6.1 server and map with clean installs on both server and client. I see that tree capitator is installed on both the client and server mods but yet it doesn't work. We came from 0.5.7 and it was working there.

Anyone else having this? I setup multiple maps with clean downloads and it isn't working. I love this mod and need to get it working. I hate doing it by hand. :)

Secondly, when you make a project table in your crafting table, you can't remove it once crafted. Anyone else getting this too?



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Hey, thanks so much for the reply! No one has been answering my posts.. :( That is GREAT news that there is hope I can get it up and running today...

Here's what happens. If I "op" myself and try to give myself any crafting tables like a project table, it says "there is no such item with ID 751" like that item is missing? Thus, as a non-op I can't craft those items either.

Any ideas on how to further troubleshoot this?

I have redownloaded the server and did a clean install. Could it be that I had another server "big dig" running on here before? Could they be getting mixed up? Any ideas would be appreciated!


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751 is the project table, so your config is fine. It sounds like somehow redpower is getting disabled or removed when you are starting the game, or it is missing completely and the config file got left behind.

go into your .technic\tekkitlite\mods folder and see if you have the following zip files:





If no, then you need to redownload tekkitlite, because you are missing critical files. If yes then your tekkit lite installation is borked and you need to delete everything and redownload.

Either way, you should file a bug report, having the mods but the items being missing is pretty strange.

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Hey cerevox,

I got it working! I moved to a different computer and then re-downloaded it before I modified the map. I don't think the mods fully downloaded the first time. So, we have to make sure we run the launch file one time before making any changes so the mods download. DUH! :)

Thanks for your help.


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