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CC Breeder Reactor Control

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Every want to run your breeder reactor to enrich spent cells but don't want to have to babysit it? Here is one solution. This ComputerCraft program monitors and controls your breeder reactor for you.


  • Will display status on a monitor if one is attached (currently using setTextColor so use an advanced monitor)
  • Will use a button attached on the front of the computer to initiate enrichment cycle if one is attached
  • Will poll the reactor contents for depleted cells and uranium usage to determine cycle time if inventory sensor attached
  • Stops reactor at the end of the enrichment cycle or when terminated by player
  • Configurable slots to monitor for uranium and depleted cells
  • Configurable maximum duration for specific reactor build (time to enrich one cell)

Program: http://pastebin.com/TVF8cTEM

Comments, suggestions, and questions welcome.

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