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Regen select chunks?


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I've upgraded from 0.5.7 to 0.6.1 and see that there are a lot of new things added to the world gen. I'm not going to start a new world to see the new stuff, but in previous worlds before Tekkit Lite I have regenerated selected chunks in deserted quarry's. This was done with worldedit.

I'm having a hard time finding something that works for Tekkit Lite. Forge Essentials's World Control doesn't seem to have a chunk selection or regenerate functions in it (and I'm getting conflicting information on whether worldedit will be in it later or not), and I'm having difficulties getting BukkitForge (hangs during load with a TON of seemingly useless verbage) working. I'm even ok with a forge plugin with it's only sole purpose is to delete chunks so they can be regenerated.

Help? Suggestions? Direction? (Preferably not a long trip off a short plank, but, eh, I'm not gonna be too picky.)

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Jebussz: MCedit does delete the chunks and allows them to regenerate like I want, however MCedit has the effect of changing blocks it doesn't understand near the chunks that were deleted into dirt or mossy stone or other types of primitive blocks. I might be able to get away with MCedit if the quarry's are not near anyone. (Tested with the latest version of 0.1.16.)

cerevox: I got the ICBM mod (which looks pretty nifty) and got it working. This does Almost Exactly what I want it to do. The only drawback that I can see is that if I try to rejuvenate something with a volcano in it that the land regenerates, but the volcano doesn't. It could also be that since it's a new version of RedPower that RP generation is affected and that there just wouldn't be a volcano there. I'm ok with this, just kinda wish I knew for sure.

Thank you both for your suggestions! ICBM is a little bit of a work around for me, but is acceptable enough if I don't find anything else.

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