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[0.6.5] ~DaNile~ [PVE/PVP] [iCono] [Grief Prevention] [Family Friendly] [Recruiting Staff]


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Server IP:

Dynmap Link:

Whitelist: NO

website: DaNile.enjin.com

4-17 Age 2 is in full swing, Mob Arena Added

[TEKKIT LITE 0.6.1] [Grief Prevention] [24/7 Dedicated Server] [survival PVP+PVE]

Server Highlights

- Geographic Map of Egpyt & Sinai Peninsula : Used Proffessional Survey's of the area dated 1992. Much of the map is still unexplored via dynmap and players can explore it for themselves.

- Events : Weekly and Monthly Builds and events.

- Friendly Staff: We want a family friendly environment where we can all enjoy the beauty of DaNile and the fun of minecraft

- Monumental Crafting : A unique server mod which will be allowing us to build organized collected blocks and it be deemed a protected monument. (Think obelisks)

- Historical Setting: The Time period is a very interesting one, after the decay of the Pharaohs of the Old Kingdom, and before the rise of some of the greatest names of the time period, Cleopatrah and Alexander the Great.

- Write History: Become a Crafter, an Artisan, a Noble or even a Visier, and who knows. The current Pharaoh won't be around that much longer.

- Town Recruitment and Ownership: Think that you want to stake out a claim in the desert or perhaps and oasis, working with the staff we can get you a warp point and other awesome server benifits.

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i like the server but, it has a poor design that you must roughly run about 10,000 blocks away from the spawn area to find any decent amount of grass area or anywhere to find animals, i had to kill myself nine times to use /home due to the lack of food.. if you like sand biomes then have fun. if you dont, then dont join.

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@danisawrus -> hey sorry you didn't have such a great experience? did you even get to see the Dynmap via the website? its Eygpt, so yeah alot of it is desert and epic dunes. However the entire length of the Nile River is spanned with lush green. Take a good look around on your next visit i'm sure you'll find something for your play style, food could have easily been bought for almost nothing at /warp cairo, Mystcraft is also enabled and we have a portal in memphis which can take you to a more familiar landscape

Server is going strong, doing some research into updating, hopefully it will allow me to turn back on a few of the "leakier" plugins from Tekkit 0.6.1

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