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TekkitLite 0.6.1 Server - Regular Intermittent Lag...


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Hey, Just a little problem with the server not running smoothly enough.

Running a TekkitLite server from my macbook (i've had it running fine with Tekkit Classic) with all the included mods from the TekkitLite server download. Total of only 3 people playing all within the same network.

It's stable and everything is running as it should, except for a judder on the server. Whether it's a mob or something In buildcraft, it lags at regular intervals.

The servers average tick is from 0.4ms up to 5.0ms! I understand this is way too low.

I've currently allocated 2048MB of RAM and Activity Monitor is saying it's using about 430MB

CPU usage is mid 40% on average and i'm connecting from another computer, the laptop is server only.

Any help welcomed!!


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Your statement about "tick is 0.4ms to 5.0ms" doesn't make sense. Are you saying your ping time to the server is 0.4-5.0ms? That you are getting 0.4-5.0 TPS? Confusing.

That amount of memory usage seems reasonable, especially right after a restart. Assuming the server has 4G physical ram? Otherwise the allocation to TekkitLite might be starving the OS of ram.

Are you using a HD texture pack on the client? This can cause visual jitters and non-smooth screen updates.

How many cores does your macbook CPU have? Running 40% cpu could very well be maxing+ a single core (which is all MC/Tekkit will use).

Are all your players in different areas of the map or near each other? Chunks are loaded around each player and around each chunk loader. Many chunks can lag the server.

Have you checked to see how many entities are in your world? Many entities (or items on ground) can seriously lag any server.

Need more input Stephanie...

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Hey, thanks for replying.

In the Minecraft Server window there is a 'Avg tick:' read out and it goes from 0.4 to 5.0 i assume thats what you're meaning by TPS...

The server has 8GB of ram so must be plenty!

No HD texture pack

According to this response... 4 cores... and hyperthreaded (confirm?) http://uk.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091223074817AARS2Xv

This make me wonder, can i configure the server to run more effectively on the i7 chip?

This is running a server before any other players, other than myself have even entered the world...brand new world, no entities!

This lag is not like a lag that constantly varies my FPS, it literally happens once just under a second. you watch a pig walking and it judders regularly at regular intervals...it seems to be the server lagging and not the client side...

5 IS alive...

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Nice catch on the reference :)

With that few (or no) players online at the same time your server should almost never be below the "normal" 20 TPS (ticks/second). The only time mine drops even with 4 or 5 active people on is when someone is flying around at breakneck speeds (modular power suits FTW) in unexplored areas of the map (world chunk generation can be painful) or if someone is exploring around in a MystCraft age for the same reasons. I'm running on similar hardware (give or take, I'm running in a VM).

Most people would consider a server running at that tick rate to be basically unplayable. Honestly, anything below 18 is pretty frustrating.

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Love the short circuit movies... "hey lazer lips, your momma was a snow blower"

Well thats weird then, cause my FPS is fine, and the mobs moving around aren't too bad, just they judder every second...the Avg ticks are pretty much at 3.0ms now, perhaps since the world has settled down?!... it's totally playable but not smooth...

This is odd...

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The "ticks" are Minecraft's timer. When the system is running as it should there are 20 ticks in per second and "events" happen off of triggers tied to ticks. For instance, a geothermal generator creates 32 EU/packet energy and creates EU at 20/tick. At 20 TPS that means that it will send out a packet of energy every 1.6 seconds. When the system is bogged down, say at your 3 TPS, the geotherm still only does 20 EU/t but since your ticks are coming so much slower it would take 10.6 seconds to generate that same packet. This might translate to taking MUCH longer for certain things like charging your EU storage to complete.

Now, I'm not sure if there is something in IC2 or FML that plays "catch up" with things like power generation to compensate for a sub-standard TPS so that your apparent power generation over real time is somewhat "normal" but finding the source of the lag is paramount to have the best experience.

I would make a wild guess that as you build more and more infrastructure that your TPS could potentially drop so low as to make it unplayable. IMO, fixing it now can save you major headache later.

Caveat: this is my understanding of how the internals work. If I am wrong don't hesitate to spray some flame around :)

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How are all of the devices connected to the network? I sometimes have something similar when I use my laptop wirelessly instead of a wired connection on my gaming pc. Can you just connect one person at a time to the server and see if the issue still persists?

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