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[1.4.7]Joltz[PvP][20 Slots][Joltz Pack][Plugins]

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NOTE: We have 50 slots rather then the old 20 we used to have.

NOTE: You may need to DELETE your Joltz directory if you are having issues updating to 1.2!

NOTE: Be sure to set your Increase PermGen Size in your technic launcher settings BEFORE launching!

Ever wanted to get the best of both worlds of FTB Ultimate and Voltz? Well now you can. Build your own personal economic empire to fuel your warmachine against other players from all around.


Got them



Got them too

Mass Production?

Can do!




Nuclear Armageddon?

Bring it on!



I am proud to announce that Joltz 1.2 and the new map for our offical server is now HERE!


I apologise for late answers to messages and the lack of staff activity on the 1.1 server, if this has been of any inconvience to anyone. I and almost all our staff have been working relentlessly on this project. We hope you will enjoy our labors.

By the way, be sure to ask a staff memeber for your Premium Booster Package if you were a player from 1.1 - this is our way of reimbursting you for what previous builds may have been lost on the old map.


We are a 24/7 Server with an already established community, but we are small and wanted more people to play with/against so this was a big motivator to us opening the server + modpack to the public.

We are a OPEN server, but we WILL whitelist if that gets abused.

If you join this server you understand that you are here because you are privileged to be here, abuse any of the rules and you will lose that privilege.


:Official Server Address:

:Server Map:


-PvP Worlds-

No Spawn Camping

No Combat Logging

No TP'ing Out Of a Fight (10-Minute Rule)

PvP is ON

Griefing is ALLOWED

Raiding is ALLOWED

Stealing is ALLOWED

-PvE Worlds-

NO Grefing

NO Raiding

NO Stealing

PvP is OFF

-All Worlds-

NO surface quarrys in all worlds, with the exception of the Mining world surface quarrys are allowed

Advertise Other Servers = Ban

Grief Spawn(s) = Instant Ban


No Harassing Other Players (That Includes Perma-Griefing)

Hack Clients = Ban

Disrespect Staff = Ban

Be Respectful of Everybody, Even Your Biggest Enemy

:Banned Items:

(Non-PvP Worlds)


All Forms of Explosives

All Forms of Grenades

Plasma Cannons

(on explosive mode)


MFFS Defense Stations

IC2 Nukes

(All Worlds)

Mass Fabricator

(Matter Fabricators are fine however)

All Forms of Chunk Loaders

(with the exception of personal anchors/person anchor carts)



Yojinko, Methiusx, Xanuusus











Minecraft Coder Pack 7.26a

Forge Mod Loader

Minecraft Forge

Code Chicken Core 0.7.3

Not Enough Items

Power Crystals Core 1.0.3

Treecapitator 1.4.6.r06

ComputerCraft 1.5

Buildcraft 3.4.3

Factorization 0.7.21

ExtrabiomesXL 3.11.0


CoFH Core

Thermal Expansion

Omnitools 3.0.4

Industrial Craft 2 1.115.231-lf

Mekanism 5.4.1

Mekanism Generators 5.4.1

MekanismTools 5.4.1

Basic Components 1.2.6


Redpower 2.0 Prerelease 6

Immibis Core 52.4.6

Tubestuff 52.3.2

XyCraft 0.10.18

GregTech-Addon 2.82c

MiscPeripherals 3.1

RedPower Tweaks 4

SuperSlopes-Slopes 4.7.1

Jammy Furniture Mod 4.1

Gas Mod 2.4.3

Project Bench 1.6

Rei's Minimap 1.0

Additional Pipes 2.1.3u42

Advanced Repulsion System 52.0.6

Advanced Alloys beta 0.7.8b

IC2 Advanced Machines Addon 4.7b

Advanced Power Management 1.1.55-IC2_1.112

Applied Energistics rv.9.4

Assembly Line 0.2.8

Atomic Science 0.4.1

mod_BackTools 1.0

BioLock 1.0.8b

BrainTech Agricultures Datachip Package 1.7

Additional Buildcraft Objects 1.0.1

Charge Pads 2.4.1 build 66

Chicken Chunks

Compact Solar Arrays 4.0.3 build 29

Slimevoid Library

Dynamic Elevators

Electric Expansion 1.4.x

Ender Storage

Binnie Core

Extra Bees

F4113n C0r3 1.3.2

Flan's Mod 2.1

Flat Bedrock 1.0.3

Fluid Mechanics 0.2.7

GraviGun 1.4.7v2

IC2 Backpack HUD 2.2

Defence 1.3.2

Nuclear Control 1.4.5




Immibis's Peripherals 52.1.2

Inventory Tweaks 1.0

Iron Chest 5.1.0 build 275

Thaumcraft 3.0.3

Logistics Pipes

Modular Force Field System (2.3.0)

Minefactory Reloaded 1.4.6R2.3.2

MFR Compat: ExtraBiomes 1.4.6R2.3.2

MFR Compat: Forestry 1.4.6R2.3.2

MFR Compat: IC2 1.4.6R2.3.2

MFR Compat: RP2 1.4.6R2.3.2

SoulShards 1.26

MFR Compat: Soul Shards 1.4.6R2.3.2

MFR Compat: Thaumcraft 1.4.6R2.3.2

MFR Compat: Vanilla 1.4.6R2.3.2

MFR Compat: X7Craft 1.4.6R2.3.2

mod_Gibbing 1.0

mod_gibs 1.0

Advanced Solar Panels 3.3.4

Gravitation Suite 1.8

MachineMuse's Modular Powersuits 0.3.2-201


NEI Plugins

Nether Ores 1.3.1

OpenCCSensors 0.1.4

PortablePeripherals 1.0b

Portal Gun 1.4.7v4

Power Converters 1.4.1

The SecretRoomsMod 4.5.0

Steve's Carts 2.0.0.dev

Transformers v1.7b

Balkon's WeaponMod 1.10.3

WR-CBE Core 1.3.3

WR-CBE Addons 1.3.3

WR-CBE Redpower 1.3.3











Overworld Spawn






This map was make possible by:






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I love this server. You can play minecraft pretty much anyway you want but the only way to win is with teamwork. It will be even more fun when there are more people on the server to ally or even foe. Can't wait to meet some new people.

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If explosives are banned, then you cannot craft missiles.

If they were 'banned' why do we have a screenshot of a antimatter crater posted?

If you actually read the rules, you'd notice 'explosives' are only banned specifically at spawn. Missiles are absolutely allowed and craftable -- i would know, I've witnessed many bases explode and the creation of several 200 block wide potholes in the ground :P

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u should a add fractions

(or is that in essentials)

Sorry for the late reply, I've been hard at work for the last 2 weeks on Joltz 1.2 and the new map for our offical server!

I am proud to announce it is 99% ready for release, everything should be ready either today or tomorrow - modpack and server alike :)

We were not able to add factions on our 1.1 server due to bukkit being extremly fickle about which mods do and dont cause server instability, however all those problems have now been solved in 1.2 and we are now able to use any plugin we wish :)

The 1.2 server will be running towny, however we will have a world for building, a mining world, and a PvP world. Everything seems to be ready for the public however things could be subject to change depending on what happens on the server in the next few weeks.

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Howdy all. We now have the PVP and Mining Worlds Set up and ready for use. So come join us in blowing up people like Yojinko just because we want too. It's fun, I swear.

xD I think your confusing me with Devils Xan :P

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Orguss12 , Yojinko and DDHxDevils did a good job combining all these mods into this modpack. After playing with some of these mods and running servers in the past on Tekkit and FTB and various Forge mods such you start to realize how troublesome it can be to get everything to talk to each other correctly. Its nice that Orguss didn't actually disappear, but instead came back to bring us a pack update with more stuff that runs better than the last one(even on a midrange machine). Also thankful to Yojinko, Xanuusus , Tplayerj, s82873326, ThatPat99, Kenny23615 and everyone that helped in the two week process making the Public Server available with a decent spawn for people to play in. Looking forward to see more minecrafters enjoying the pack and hope everyone is having fun.

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I love this server, The staff is friendly, funny, and helpful. I reccomend using teamspeak when you join too. Definatly worth a +1. I love that they have a mining world with loads of ore, a PvP world where you can nuke people, and an overworld where you can make your factories for the PvP world, and main bases

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This is, by far, the best run server I've ever been on. The staff are friendly and very switched on.

When you consider that it's a custom mod pack, and a combination of a LOT of mods, it's absolutely impressive how well the server runs.

Both the server and mod pack are reliable - if you want to build BIG, or if you want to go-a-hunting other players ... this is the place to do it!

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