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[1.1.3] Gaige's Hardcore Voltz PVP Server


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Sorry guys, the server is down right now, I reset the wifi and now the computer's IP has changed. My father knows the password to the portforwarding and I cant change the IP until he gets home, so it wont be up until tonight or tomorrow. Sorry :(


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I can't seem to connect to the server, is it offline?

The server appears to be offline, I am on a trip 200 miles from my house so I can't fix it
so the server will have to be down until tomorrow afternoon US mountain time. Sorry guys, I wish I can fix it but I'm not at my house where the server is...

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Yo, its Vanto here, I just wanna ask if you have Skype or something I can contact you on?

sorry nothing personal but I only do skype with people I know in person :/

If you get the dedicated server running, please post the new ip so i can join.

Don't worry I will, and it probably wont come today, for some reason its not working and I'm trying to figure out how to fix

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Every time I log in my client crashes and I tried everything can you TP me to spawn or something please?

I am having the same problem, every time I join, the server crashes.

But! When I join another server it crashes as well. So I don't think it's just my server. Maybe an update or something?

IDK how to fix this! Does anyone know? :(

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--This Works!--

Found it here!

Step 1: Open Technic Launcher and open Voltz options panel by clicking on the cog under Volts image on the left side. Once in Voltz options click "Open Folder"


Step 2: Search for "Mekanism.cfg" - You maybe able to do this on windows start bar and skip step one.

Location is "\AppData\Roaming\.technic\voltz\config\Mekanism.cfg"


Step 3: Open the folder "Mekanism.cfg" in notepad or your personal favorite text editor - I shall be using notepad ++

Step 4: Once open look for "UpdateNotifications=true" now change it to "false" as shown below. Once you have done that SAVE and exit.


Step 5 - This may or may not be needed to do. Like step two find "Mekanism.cfg" and this time right click and go down to "Properties" as shown below.


Step 6: Once in properties trick "Read-only" then "APPLY" then lastly "Ok" as shown below.


Step 7: Lastly Reopen Technic Launcher and play!

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Its basically that the update message crashes your client for some reason and that turns it off.

that may fix me from crashing, but everyone is crashing on my server, I don't think fixing my client will help everyone else... :/

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