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[1.0.11] SCG [NEW][PVE/PVP][80 Slots][No-Whitelist]

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Sanctioned Core Gaming

SanctionedVoltz Server

Currently looking for 2-3 dedicated administrators to help run/manage the voltz server.

Must fill out application below.

Currently looking for a Graphic Designer as well as a Public Relations member to help with the development of the server. (Need a logo)

Server IP:

Server Staff:

Owner - marines4ever

Administrator - To Be Announced

Administrator - To Be Announced

Moderator - To Be Announced


1) No Spamming

2) Do not disrespect players or staff ("Treat people the way you would like to be treated")

3) Do not build or dig 1x1 towers.

4) Do not leave floating trees

5) Do NOT ask for Op/Admin/Gamemode/Moderator/Items or any other item that would mean cheating for.

6) Do not exploit any bugs or glitches. Such as Dupe Glitching

7) Do not spam explosives such as TNT, Missiles, grenades, etc.

Current Plugins:






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IGN: ArkhamSecurity

Age: 11 (I am mature for my age.)

Rank applying for: Moderator

Experience: I have been a moderator on a server before and people said I am good at it.

Reason I should be hired: I know what needs a ban, a kick or a warning. I have experience. I use grammar all the time. I would NEVER misuse my abilities as staff. While I am serious, I am also fun. I love helping people and the gaming community.

Also: I am a decent builder (so I can help to build official server buildings), I am social (so I can help players and staff) and I am friendly.

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IGN: mclord112


Rank applying for: Admin

Experience: I owned a server for 3 yrs.

Reason i should be hired: I know what needs to be done on a server and how to control it well.I will ALWAYS be the best person i can be.

Also: people say i am a great builder and i will always be willing to help.

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