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Tekkit Lite 0.6.0. = No Nether Ores?

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I recently started a new game in tekkit lite 0.6.1 and when I got to the nether there were no ores.

To investigate, I tried downgrading to 0.5.9 and created a new game in that, then cheated my way to the nether; I found ores there.

Tried the same thing in 0.6.0. No nether ores there.

Can someone else confirm or refute my observations?

(note, you need to create a new game in 0.6.0/0.6.1 to test for sure)

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Okay, so who does this not break for? It looks like earlier versions install that broken config too; if I delete it, it just gets replaced again with the broken config. So for a significant number of users, newly created nether worlds, and worse, newly created chunks in existing worlds, are being created with no ores.

Can the devel team fix this? They should do something like, at startup, check the config file and if it contains any entries where XXXMinY==128 && XXXMaxY==128, then remove both entries and let the mod fix them up.

Also, should this config not be fixed up to make more sense? I'm not sure all of the ores should be spread across the entire height range. IMHO They should probably at least partially match what happens in the overworld.

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Setting up any server that is using someone else's mod pack is bound to be a moving target. It is something that you really only have to do once though. Upgrades are typically pretty straight forward. This particular problem was a trivial fix (simply remove the MinY lines in the config before starting and they'll be replaced with the correct values) that would be caught with a simple config diff.

You are doing config diffs during an upgrade process, yes?

You are going through every line of every config to see what they are doing before an initial server install, yes?

If you answered "no" to either of those questions then one you are missing an important step in the process. I don't say this to demean your efforts in any way. Attention to the details of a server you want other people to enjoy is critical to its success. Half an hour reviewing configs of a new server or 10 minutes doing config diffs is a small price to pay for smooth operation down the road.

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