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Looking for people to have a good time with.

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Hey im looking for people that know quite a bit about technic I have played alone for so long and now im bored im really just looking for some cool people to game with and learn from.

im still quite new to everything but this game is so fun but also kinda hard to learn as well.

if you feel like joining up let me know. THANKS!

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My friends and I are incredibly new to the game, but the three of us are on regularly. We're all over 21, and use Teamspeak. If interested join our TS server sometime., pw mario. The server is hosted on my server PC (in-house, Milwaukee WI) and we've been looking to expand the server by 1-3 people. The world is only 1 week old and we've spent most of the time tinkering and experimenting. I don't have a static IP set up yet, so we use Hamachi for now.

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