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Whitelisted server (4 slots)


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Hi there I am currently hosting a server from home, the server will not be 24/7 but will be put up whenever i can. I want 4 player all from the uk.. you must be from the uk to join this server. I need two teams. 1 team being me and one of you, and the other team two of you. I need you to be realy good at voltz as i havent got much clue. Also you will need to be around my age to make this experience fun so 15+ it will be a fun time if i get the right people and we can have tons of laughs. also if you have a playstation 3 i can talk to you on there :)

feel you fit ino these catogorys? then fill out this simple form and post a reply

minecraft username:



ps3 or not?

experience level with voltz 1-10:

other information I should know:

i will be chosing the four very shortly so hurry :) hope to see you on the server

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