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[1.1.3] Infinity Voltz [PvP][20 Slots][Economy][No-Whitelist]


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Small public server, hoping to grow!

Connect To: infinityvoltz.servegame.com:47390


  1. Use Common Sense,
  2. Don't nuke protected areas,
  3. Have fun!

Working economy, Shop chests work, but still working on pricing items for an admin shop.

Only anchors and bugged items will be banned.

New server, bare with us while the dust settles!

Has a dedicated host, should be up 24/7

**For those that had issues earlier tonight**

I resolved the command issue preventing people from being able to use home and /spawn.

(While still new and some tweaks are being made, I have NO plans for any wipes.)

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Hey comwizz, me and ironwolf cannot connect to the server anymore, we looked it up and it said something about a corrupt player file. It says you need to delete me and ironwolf's player files in order for us to connect, could you do that next time you are messing around with the server files.

Thanks, blackfox

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