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Server IP: icraftitublowitup.tk


1).Don't blow up spawn

2).Don't pretend to be admin

3).Don't overdo the Nukes(3-6 at a time)

4).No Cheating please... No hacked clients

5).No Spawn camping!


Dimensional Anchors removed./Chunk Loaders still available though.

Website: www.ICraftItUBlowItUp.com

The Server is currently running from home on a PC, Specs: 8gbRAM,128gbSSD,AMD quad core processors.

The map has just been reset recently so it gives all players a level playing field.

Worldborder is set to 2000 blocks in all directions from center of spawn.

Spawn shops: We have a server shop to sell items that cannot be made with some of the items we limited. Also explosives and other combat items are sold here on a diamonds for merchandise basis.

TreeCapacitor has been removed.

Things we changed:No spawning from pocket dimensions to spawn no /sethome and no /home.

If you want a home route use linkbooks.

Mystcraft is limited to linkbooks and portal doors for use in Dimensional doors.

Rift remover is removed: this way people can't make rifts, make a link book inside and then remove the rift afterwards.

Plugins are as follows: Essentials,Groupmanager,MobBounty,Iconomy,WorldGuard,Clearlag,CombatLog.

Combat log is in, It is set at ten seconds so you cant just spawn away also if you log out while tagged you drop your items in inventory.

Myself and a couple friends play quite often and we upgraded the server to allow a few more people because playing alone is boring and thought it would be fun to blow each other up.

Server is 24/7 to the best of my ability. I built the pc myself and run it from home. I have a backup PC if anything happens and both are of decent specs to run TekkitLite. Both PCs run ubuntu and more than one admin has access to reboot in case something happens.

If the server does not hold up I will be moving it to a server hosting site immediately.

We're looking for a typical player that wants to play build and fight. Advanced users welcome but not a must. Please dont cry if you die though it is a anarchy server.

More pictures coming soon I have a team of builders and the regular players are above and beyond the normal builders and fighters.

Considered a Greylist server on the basis that you need applications for Staff positions.We are not currently looking for staff but if the need arises or if you have something to offer then by all means apply. No set guidelines for applications just be creative if you think you deserve it.



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Nice to see more anarchy servers popping up, it's a refreshing change of pace from the constant building. At the same time, the relative safety of the pocket dimensions should hopefully allow me to do both! Great server, keep it up.

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This is a great server that provides a good challenge to build up and survive. Mystcraft is disabled so people can't just hide away never to be found but unlike other servers, we still allow the use of books for teleporting. I highly recommend this server for any player looking for a challenge, or those who just want to blow shit up. 20 Diamonds can be traded for 1 nuke at spawn. Can also buy other items to cause havok like ghast eggs, TNT, wither boss spawners, and invis potions.

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Thanks, i81! There aren't many tekkit anarchy servers, and this one is among the best of them. (I know: I've been playing on anarchy servers (vanilla and tekkit) for about two years as of now). The rules are no-bullcrap, and only those items are disabled that absolutely need to be disabled.

Keep up your work - the world needs great tekkit servers!

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This server has been back and forth through many things, but I have to say, Anarchy is absolutely amazing. Servers staff are top notch and experienced, and many of the daily players are as well experience in building and fighting. Rules are straight forward and too the point; and of course, your basically allowed to do anything. So come on and join erryone and blow some crap uppp.

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