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[0.6.1][24/7]Quantum Empire


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Here is my TekkitLite server ready to play. We have about 4 players on at the most willing to stay and play. We almost always have a Staff member online. We would love to see you on the server! We are a good comminity to play with and everyone is helpful. Anyone can make a shop to make money! Shops do work with the mod items just use there id. Players can make shop as long as they know how to use ChestShop! We want a good player to help out around the server.

Ip: play.quantumempire.net


Banned Items: Nuke, Rift Signitures, and Turtles

Plugins: TekkitCustomizer, GroupManager, Vault, Worledit, GreifPrevention, WorldGuard, Permissions, Essentials, Jobs, Enjin Minecraft Plugin, ChestShop, EssentialsChat, Essentials Spawn, and BuyLand

This is a 24/7 server.

This is a 50 Slot Server!


Rule 1: Do not greif inside of town!

Rule 2: Respect ALL staff no matter what they do!

Rule 3: Do not ask for op, Staff, and Items!

Rule 4: No spamming!

Rule 5: No advertising!

Rule 6: No Constant Cursing!

Rule 7: No Trolling/Flaming!

Rule 8: No Racist or Sexist Remarks!

Rule 9: Do not do anything to harm the server!

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Hi I'm dragon who joined today id like to say thanks for the help and hope can help with the towns power with my power plant I'm not yet sure on the power source im going to use but I will choose soon. Thanks again. :-)

Your Welcome.

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