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First Post - Noob question - Tekkit Lite


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Hi, sorry for this as my first post, but I'm having troubles with my texture packs.

I've tried a few which are Tekkit Lite compatible and have an issue where most of the textures are there, but some are missing.

It doesn't matter which texture pack I load, Refined Iron is default Minecraft.

As is the same with both Tin Ingot & Tin, Ruby, Sapphire, Quartz Dust, Nicolite etc...

Some of the working textures are Iron Ingot, Bread, String, Redstone, Enchanted Book, Egg, Iron Pick-Axe.

I have loaded Soartex_Fanver, Sphax x32 & 64, & T42_x64. All of which say they are Tekkit compatible.

I downloaded Tekkit Lite today so its the newest version, and the launcher says there are no new updates.

Unfortunately, I'm new to the scene and do not know where to start looking or if this is normal and the textures or mods get updated as time goes by.

I don't mind getting my hands dirty so if there is something necessary which I need to do, let me know and Ill figure it out.

Anyways, thanks for reading this post, I just couldn't figure out why some are there and others are missing.

PS: Regarding Iron Ingot vs Refined Iron. I assume the game is looking for the updated texture and is not finding it for the Refined Iron. Is that because the Iron Ingot is pretty much vanilla where Refined Iron is due to some mod being loaded?

Thanks for your input


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The most popular texture pack for tekkit lite is SphaxPureBDCraft. You need to go to their website and download the main texture pack file. Then you will need to navigate to the Sphax Tekkit Lite add-on page and download the file there.

Now you will need to drop the contents of the add-on file into the main Sphax download file.

You will now have most of the mods covered by Sphax but I would recommend downloading the Feed The Beast Sphax add-on as well and dropping that in in the same way as you did the Tekkit Lite add-on.

If you add mods, just checkl the add-ons section of Sphax website and if they have the relevant patch, just repeat the same procedure. Once you get the hang of it you'll have pretty much all textures loaded.

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