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powering a quarry


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hey folks, ran into a bit of an issue with setting up a quarry, etc.

I was hoping to use an energy link and a phased conductive pipe to shunt energy from my geothermal plant over to the quarry, but i cant find the energy link anymore.

I also saw some posts saying to use a pneumatic generator, but it seems thats also missing...

whats the standard way take energy from batboxes, etc. and use them to power quarrys, etc.

or are the two mods no longer playing nice together ? :(

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okay i got it figured out, had to use a ic2 consumer with an energy bridge to a BC consumer.

which is connected to a golden conductive pipe then to a phased conductive pipe on public freq 100 send only

now at the quarry i have another conductive phased pipe on public freq 100 also, but its not pulling in energy even though its on send and receive.

the pipe goes into a gold conductive pipe into the quarry

no go :(

thoughts ?

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