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Want to play like the yogscast? (pvp, No banned items)


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Hello, i wanted a server to play with my friends and the voltz servers we played on reset too often and we continuouslty lost our items! so i made my own server and i would like to invite the internet to play!

Basically it is all out war, bring your friends, and enemies as well!

When you enter the server know that there are no banned items! all uncraftable items are acessable if you have the items required, as i will trade the items out.

Ex. rec build voltz wont let you make obsidian armour, just get the # of bars you need and i will give you the item you want to make.

There is a world border that keeps everyone within the area, so that the game is fun and you will likely be at war. Anyone outside the perimeter will be banned!

This is a pvp server and stealing and griefing is allowed! if you want to protect your things hide them, or keep them in the inventory or an ender-chest!]

server address:

I will try to keep the server up as much as i can. Please rate and leave messages with suggestion, feedback, bugs, ect.

Email me at [email protected] But i perfer you reply here.

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