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  1. the error i get is "Failed to connect to the server Connection timed out: connect"
  2. my voltz is 1.1.3 The launcher is build 221 i connect to other servers just fine but i can not connect to this one for some reson.
  3. anyone know any solutions? i can't connect to the server and i use a windows xp. Thank You in advance.
  4. IGN: tntbomer123321 How long you played minecraft for: 2 years how long you have played voltz for: A few weeks after it came out. Your voltz skill level: about a 7 out of 10 i understood everything until the 1.1.3 update Why you want to play on this server: White listed servers generally have a better community which makes it funner for everyone.
  5. Age:14 ~Mc Name: tntbomer123321 ~Name: Alex ~Eperience 2 years mc and 3 months voltz ~Skype: none ~E~mail: [email protected]
  6. server just crashed again, and by the way it is a grate server with lots of opportunity.
  7. Sorry there was a typo in my application. I hope it dose not affect your disishon to chose me or not to be allowed on the server but I fixed it. Thanks in advance and sorry for any typos.
  8. Can you pm me if i get accepted to play on the server?

    1. axlsjolund


      I PM every person I whitelist
  9. 1. Mc name: tntbomer123321 2. How long have you bean playing minecraft since 1.2.5 came out. 3. how long have you been playing Voltz about since it came out. 4. What would you say your skill level is: Adept and i enjoy helping others. 5. Why do you want to play on this server? In Whitelisted servers you generally get a better community and meat friendlier people who hopefully won't red matter the new guy with in minutes of him starting. 6. make a base gain allies and bunker up and get ready for a war.