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Questions about creating an adventure map using Tekkit


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Hello all, I have an idea for an Adventure map that i want to create using Tekkit as part of the map, but there are alot of thing i need to know in order to create the map, so here goes:

1. can I use MCedit to place Tekkit blocks and items?

2. by switching your gamemode into Adventure, will there be any Tekkit specific items that are still breakable? would it be everything, or would it follow the general rules of Adventure mode?

3.is there an easier/ smarter way to go about designing the map so I don't need to put it into Adventure mode?

I will probably post additional questions as they arise, and any help with solving these will be greatly appreciated.

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MCEdit will corrupt your Tekkit world if you load up the world and save it. It might be harmless on a 1.2.5 version of minecraft though, so backup your world and try it.

You can use MFFS (depending on the pack you're using) to make indestructible blocks that aren't warded blocks/reinforced stone. You may also need Gregtech to get a bunch of IDSUs all over the place to power the MFFS stuff.

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