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Thinking about creating a server, opinions?


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I was considering creating a Voltz server with clearly defined teams and moderated warfare. I have a computer to do it, but i'm not sure whether or not it would work the way I intend, or if there would be adequate interest. I simply need opinions and/or thoughts from the community.

The main idea that would set this server apart is the team structure and terms of war. My idea is to have assigned teams, picked by the players, like a game of middle-school dodgeball. An area is then designated for a spawn/safe-zone, and the teams are set out to wage war. The game is monitored and terms are decided beforehand, which would require cooperation and communication between the host and the players out-of-game, via email or forum-mail. Once a definite winner (one of the teams) is established, the world can be reset, or the game-area can be moved. Maybe the winning team could receive a point, a we play to 5.

Variations could include bases pre-made by the host and admins, and objects scattered around the map. Or the teams could be given a stock of resources to begin with.

The main problem is the amount of cooperation required between players and host. the players would also have to be fully committed to the game, and would have to go through conclusive interviews to ensure that they are really committed. I would also need reliable staff, and a well designed server.

I'm not sure that it's worth the trouble it would take, and I'm also not sure how many people would be willing to join. I need opinions on this idea and other comments in general. I will accept any type of criticism, even if you think that it's a horrible idea. I just need feedback.


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