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How do you update individual mods?

Myke Ptyson

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Voltz works just fine. But once I open a world, I get the instant messages:

"Updates found: Modular ForceField System (2.3.0)."


"An updated version of Railcraft is available:"

How can I update these? When I launch Voltz, and it checks for updates, it says that are not updates found for Voltz.

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The pack does not update mods individually, it downloads the new set of mods as packaged

To update them separately delete the existing version and download the updated version

Obviously this is an "At your own Risk" situation

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I tried that with the Railcraft mod, but what I downloaded was just the mod file. In Volz's mod folder, the Railcraft is an entire Zip, with several mods inside. And the files in the Railcraft folder in that zip aren't the same as the mod file I downloaded. Did I download the wrong file, or is it the API that I want?

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