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[3.1.2] JWL Gaming Tekkit [ChestShop][No PvP][128 Slots]


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In order to join you must be on Tekkit version 3.1.2, to get this version, go to your launcher, next to the tekkit icon, click the gear icon and select recommended build

Welcome to the JWL Gaming Tekkit server! Our player-base and staff strive to make this the friendliest server you've ever played on.


Immediately after you first spawn, the chat will explode with 'Welcome!', and everyone will be glad to help with any questions you may have. After loading the world, you'll find yourself in the introductory world, where no building (except for in the player-based market) is permitted. It is highly recommended you read the rules directly to your right, if you get into trouble, it is expected that you know the rules and any excuses of "I didn't know!!" will not stand. After reading the rules, located just above a blue light to the left will be the sign that will bring you to the building world, just hit it and you'll instantly spawn there. Before heading off into the build world, you may explore the spawn world, which includes extra tid-bits of information and an adminshop, where you can buy materials. There is also a teleporter to a quick 'Getting started' tutorial zone, where you may learn the basics of Tekkit and it's mods. Doing /warp market will send you to the player market, where you may set up a shop and sell/buy items for a price dictated by the shop owner. Once you've made it into the build world, it cannot be stressed enough that you build your house AT LEAST 250 blocks away from the spawn, griefing isn't allowed but that doesn't stop losers from doing it anyway. If you do run into griefing problems, any staff will repair the damages.


Website: www.jwlgaming.org

We're looking for staff!

As we move forward with out plans for additional servers i would really be interested in adding to our group of staff. I'm specifically looking for two, the first would be a developer mainly concerned with developing plugins. the second would either be someone that has experience with the new forge server system to assist in developing new servers or someone that has huge experience with tekkit classic to look after that while the rest of senior staff develop new servers. if you are interested please send an email to [email protected] outlining your skills and experience.

When you spawn you will see:




-No griefing (theft, damage to another player's property, ect)

-Limit swearing

-No PvP (player vs. player), unless the other player agrees or during a special event

-No asking for handouts ("Can I have some ___ for free?")

-No asking for promotions, any question about ranks will be answered by any player/staff

-No hacked clients, or any x-ray mods


-LWC: Allows you to lock a variety of blocks

-Towny: Creates a feature that lets you make a town that can be protected from pvp, explosions, and griefing by your choice

-Chest Shop: Allows you to buy and sell to the admin shop as well as make your own shop with a sign and chest

-Various anti-griefing plugins

Disabled things:

-Many parts of the EE are reserved for donators.

-The following items will are available to everyone: Dark Matter tools and armor, fuels, alchemical chests+bags, MK1 collectors

-Mining laser

-Nuke, TNT, Cannons, Dynamite, pretty much anything that explodes


[V] Visitor: the rank you first get upon joining the server. No /tpa or /back.

[R] Resident: free rank attained by being well respected and a generally regular

player (Do NOT ask for this rank). Access to /tpa and /back and setting 3 /homes

Donator: Stone, Iron, Gold, Diamond, Tungsten, See website for more

The Staff:


-[Global] Malak_Dawnfire



-[Global] Rex__


-[Global] Poofy_the_Hero



-[Global] Anson_Biggs








[Leader] Clawx207






If you would like to join our staff please post in the "JWL Tekkit" section of our forum.


Resident Application:

Your in game name:

How long you have played on the server:

Why we should make you a resident:

We'd like to thank everyone that has played on the server, it makes us really happy seeing you all enjoying yourselves. Of course a special thanks goes to our donators who keep the server running.

We also have a Voltz server: Linky Linky

Feed The Beast: Direwolf pack is now underproduction

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