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power set up issues


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Hey folks,

trying to power a quarry in a mystage, using a geothermal generator plant and a bc producer.

basically the build is like this:

Geothermal > MFSU (fully charged) > glass fibre > ic2 hv consumer > energy bridge > BC producer > gold conductive pipe > conductive phased transport pipe >>>>>

which goes to:

conductive phased transport pipe > gold conductive pipe > side of quarry

the link indicator on the ic2 consumer is turned on, the bridge shows them connected, but 0 in/out

not sure what im doing wrong here :(

pretty pictures: http://screencast.com/t/h8bIMrBVmtnD

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how is this the wrong board ? it says general discussions.

I'm not reporting a bug, if its infact a bug then please forgive my ignorace, this is the second time i've attempted such a set up, and the FIRST time with an mfsu, I thought I maybe built it wrong.

if this is infact the wrong section, then I apologize, but no need to be a jerk about it.

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engines make it run, yes, thats ONE WAY of powering the quarry.

you do know there are usually multiple ways of doing things in tekkit right ?

i posted here to find out whats wrong with the set up i currently have, as it has WORKED BEFORE, the only thing different is the mfsu, and the ic2 hv consumer, so im not sure if im using the right stuff, hence my POST here, and not on the bug board.

im not going to post something on the bug board because i screwed it up when setting it up.

thats not a bug, thats a setup issue.

you are aware of the difference are you not ?

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