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BC doesn't flow after updating to 0.6.1


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Apologies if this isn't the right place to ask for this, but since updating to 0.6.1, I've noticed that BuildCraft conductive pipes don't really work anymore.

No matter what I try (Whether directly from an engine or output from a BC Producer), BC only flows from the first wooden pipe into the first gold/stone pipe... and then stays there. Nothing I do can coax it into the next pipe. Worse yet, energy just pools up in the first pipe, causing it to eventually explode.

Any idea why this might be? Thanks!


EDIT: Derp. Nothing was consuming the power — my Pulverizer had the power port set to the wrong side. After changing that, everything is flowing beautifully again. Mods, would you mind please locking/deleting this thread? Thanks.

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