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Tekkit Lite, Optifine, and minecraft 1.5


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Hey guys, kinda new here and I am wondering if Tekkit Lite will run with 1.5 release of minecraft?I see that they had a patch and I wanted to download optifine for tekkit Lite but I only see optifine for 1.5 or 1.4.6 and I am running 1.4.7 version of game.Which optifine do I download? And for the final question will the Technic Launcher auto update when it can run with 1.5 version of minecraft? I keep options on run recommended builds. Is this the right setting? Thanks... Sorry for all noob questions...

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Tekkit Lite will not run with Minecraft 1.5, as the individual mods need to be updated to work with it every time minecraft updates. Once all the mods are updated, the pack updates, and the launcher will automatically update the pack when it does.

As for optifine, you are going to need to use the 1.4.6 version. This will work because, in this particular case, the 1.4.7 update was only a server-side update, and as optifine is a client-side mod, the 1.4.6 version will work with 1.4.7.

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