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[1.1.4] Gaige's Hardcore PVP Server!


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Steven is working on getting the server ready, will be up sooner or later. In the meantime if you want to contact me, come join my friend's Vanilla minecraft server! I am co-owner and Im on a lot if you want to talk to me about the voltz server coming back up again soon.

IP for the vanilla server my griend runs is

And because its vanilla no lag! Well I'm pretty sure

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Apparently not...

Will it be back?

I hope steven will be ready soon. I cant wait! :D Can you estimate the amount of time until the server will be back, if it will be back

Steven has finally contacted but sad news he said he's no longer able to support the server, I will have the voltz map ready on Dropbox soon for download so you guys can keep your work. Sorry guys... But if you still want to talk to me you can join my non-laggy vanilla server:

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