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Force shields?


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Hi all, been posting quite a bit on the new 1.1.4 update, anyways, a while ago Calclavia posted somewhere a screenshot of an MFFS update he said he'd been working on with updated textures and such. Since the Wiki isn't updated very quickly, and at the moment is quite sparse, has this been implemented in 1.1.4? I don't want to update unless there are at least a couple of new features. As well as this, is it now running on MC 1.5? thanks

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You can just create a new client on 1.1.4 and check for yourself then switch back to 1.1.3 if you don't like what you see. I did look at MFFS quickly in 1.1.4 and I didn't notice any new textures, but I was mainly looking to see if field fusion had been fixed or not.

As for MC 1.5, no, it is still running on 1.4.7. However from what I've heard, this is the last voltz version before they switch over to MC 1.5.1 (which would be on voltz 1.1.5 i assume)

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