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Alright, I'm kinda confused when it comes to setting up perms on tekkit lite.

This is a small server i host from home but would like to give some of my friends certain plugin access without giving them OP.

I was wondering if anyone could come up with a rough perm file for groupmanager?

My server is tekkit lite + voltz. I have all mods from both minus the missile mod pack which gives issues sometime plus not needed however, the Server runs without a hitch.

Only plugins I use are mywarp: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/mywarp/

For this plugin I just want guests/users to be able to make private warps and use social features.

I mean thats basically it lol. I'm not sure what mods need perms etc and all that. maybe I just need to add that single plugin in the perms? If someone could write something quick I'd be in your debt.

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Just assumed since its in tekkit lite discussion...? where forgepermissions is at as well

Also considering bukkit doesn't support technic or the use of their plugins in other mods other than bukkit?

So if I'm under the assumption that

a) bukkit doesn't support tekkit issues

B) this is the forum for tekkit related discussion

Not sure if your post was unnecessary, actually, it was. kudos

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