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Aquarium wall for a home... crazy?


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Just wondering if this would be considered a bad idea. :) The water is from a quarry, and the water filled the hole as it was dug, so amazingly, you can dig right up to the water and not even need the glass, and just have a wall of water. I added the glass so my son and I wouldnt accidentlly walk into the water. Not sure if it would pull us in, or by disrupting it, it would then flow into the house.

While building the wall... i had a creeper float on the water and come IN the room, right over half a glass wall. Sheesh.

just wondering if others have tried this, and was it disastrous or not. Am i going to build a power room only to have it flooded one day?

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Well, the water shouldn't flow inside unless you put a block under it that would redirect the water to flow around it. I would still suggest a wall so you dont get sucked in, though you should be able to swim up and out in time.

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