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No sound and NEI not working


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I just started BD and I have aboslutly no sound except for the weird animals.

And NEI doesn't work, I see the otions menu but there is no thing to type stuff in, I can't see the recipes and stuff.

Help pl0x.

I posted this here because there is no bug section for BD.

try pressing O, and also minecraft sounds stream download. They download as you play.

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im having the same issues, sound wasnt working at first, and now NEI is showing zero items in its display (no it is not turned off so pressing O does nothing) sound came on so as mini said, sound streams and takes a lil bit to download, but whats the deal with NEI, and i can not make either the conversion matrix or the backpack, so dont know what is going on there.

also, when i go to type in the search box for NEI, the game crashes.

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