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[1.0.11] [Hamachi] [Survival] Voltz War

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Hi, I am starting a new voltz server. This server will have a world war. This is BARE survival so this is a basic server. So of course raiding/griefing is allowed. Unfortunately this is a Hamachi Server I cannot port foward because, altogether, I need a new router. So yea, anyway I do encourage teaming up and if you find my base just take things out of the chest and do not grief cause I'm a lazy builder :I.

That's just about it more inf below

Hours of operation:



Saturday:9:30-whenever I get tired which is not very soon

Sunday: 3:00-10:

I know I know these are some wicked hours but, my life be like...

Server Info:

Network ID: VoltzCraftt

password: missiles


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what time zone are you in so i can see what times the server will be up

i live in australia so if you could just tell me the timezone that you are in that would be great

but yeah maybe see you on your server

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