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NEED HELP...Big Dig & Forge Essentials


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Hello, i'm running a 5 man server on hosthorde and hope to go unlimited one day, but i can not seen to get the Forge essentials to work. (I really am new to these minecraft server setups, but i'm a Network Admin in real life. :)). Any way i downloaded the Forge essentials (Please let me know if there is a better solutions for permissions and protected) and i extracted all to files inside the Minecraft_Server.jar (I think that is where it goes), then restarted the server. Nothing seems to be working, i get no extra commands at the /help X screens... What am i doing wrong? Love the big dig Server!


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Double posting and Bumping won't get you help any faster, performing your own research will

Forge Essentials goes in your mods folder, not in the pack jar, had you read the instructions regarding Forge Essentials you would know this

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