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Where to put Turtle API's?


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Hi out there,

Just a quick question. I want to write my own API's/Programs for my turtles. Where do I store them on the server so I have them available? I thought it's under mods/ComputerCraft(...) but there is no such directory.

I also tried saving a program in a turtle and then finding it. But I can't seem to locate it either local or on the server? :-(

I have full FTP access to the server btw.

Any hint would be welcomed.


I'm running Tekkit Lite 0.6.1

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Thanks for your reply... strangely enough, that folder is empty? I have a lastid file which appareantly shows the last ID that was used (it's incremented when I destroy the turtle and reset it on the ground). Do I have to create the folder manually and put the API's in there?

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the API is in the mod, you just need to write a program, if you did not saved it to a floppy, or labeledd the computer then your code is a goner, also, you dont need to create any directory with hand ( except if u have file permission problems )

go ingame

start up the machine

then label set somethinganythingstringy

then edit and save your code

chk the folder, it must contain the code

not shure about the placement, i think they all stored in their respected world eg: the_nether/computer

PS: the API is between 2 programs, so they have some "unified" interface

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Ok, I found it. The problem was on a totally other area :) It seems that my FTP-client didn't show the subdirectories on the server. I now used the File Browser in the Web-Interface of my hoster and there the directores are visible.

Sorry for the confusion and thanks a lot for helping. It's really appreciated.

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