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[REQ/SUG] What I think should be added to Voltz


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The point of this thread is to be what I think should be in Voltz. If someone has already created an addon for this that doesn't take 6 hours to install, let me know. And PLEASE, give me instructions. I no good at coding.


Need I say more? High tech pack with missiles and such, but no computers? Very disappointing. I know people have been able to add this, but I don't know modding and I've already messed up my Voltz pack already. This mod would have a billion uses; automated mining, secure doors, advanced missile defense/attacks, etc.


While it strays away from the original idea of a universal power, I think this would be great. It adds covers, which are greatly beneficial, more lights, and allows redstone signals to be carried through easy to use wires.

Some Form of Automated Mining:

Tekkit has quarries, and the closest thing we have is a bore. While computercraft could add turtles, I think a Voltz-like quarry would be amazing.

More Redstone:

Redstone is used A LOT, but it's so hard to find. I'm able to create a couple basic things before I need to go mining again, and that's no fun. We have Enrichment Chambers for ores, but no way to boost redstone. Why not?

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