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  1. hello do you one the old legit tekkit server?

  2. IGN:willie81230 Have you ever been banned: no What do you plan to do on the server: power plant and rail system What is your experience level with Tekkit?(1-10)9.5
  3. IGN:willie81230 Age:14 Project you plan to build: a rail system and power plant Minecraft experience: 1 year Tekkit experience: 6 months Why you want to join the server: seams like a small nice server
  4. IGN:willie81230 Age:14 Timezone:gmt How long have you been playing tekkit:6 months How often will you be on the server: 2-3 hours a day Would you like to join the teamspeak(Encouraged): yes Your http://whitelist.mcf.li link:http://whitelist.mcf.li/check/result/9051b985af8aedce60c4ecbf977756536e2b1d68 Why you received the bans (If Applicable):
  5. InGameName: About me: (brief intro to you)love MC been playing for 1 year tekkit 6 months Location: (timezone works)GMT Why Tekkitia?: it is small and seems pirsional server the previous where way to big Do you understand troublemaking/rule-breaking/griefing will get you banned/removed? Yes completely