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  1. ya i agree but you don't need to be a douche about it
  2. the atomic science in that build is a little screwy and buged try making the accelerator 31X31 from the outside ring and try it with the builder aswell
  3. I apologize I sent this via Cell phone.
  4. Look I know that this has most likely been requested a few times but I have a expansion idea so here it is Traincraft but with a few addons. 1).add back in overhead lines 2). the ability to run some on the trains on coal fuel and biofuel cells 3). and use fuel and oil added in by Buildcraft in some of the trains as well as add the ability to put fuel and oil into the tank carts 4).addon a car that are like mfsu carts but times bigger storage and use it like you would a hopper for a steam train.
  5. wrong place to post this try the minecraft fourms or planet minecraft
  6. hello do you one the old legit tekkit server?

  7. hello i have been whitelisted in the past (you can check the fourm) may i please be whitelisted again
  8. you are right this is not the right section but you have to admit that Beer and Rum is added by IC2 and a big part of the game is breeding animals so ya.
  9. ya i agree i have looked up the mod and i am very impressed by the content of it so i agree the this should be added (once it is updated that is).
  10. YES this would be awesome
  11. can i get white listed again
  12. IGN:willie81230 Have you ever been banned: no What do you plan to do on the server: power plant and rail system What is your experience level with Tekkit?(1-10)9.5
  13. IGN:willie81230 Age IRL:14 Experience with Tekkit: 6 months What does the big signboard say in Spawn: shop
  14. IGN: willie81230 Age:14 Skype(optional):none Sorry Tekkit experience(1-10):9.5 Time Zone:GMT How much time do you plan on playing per day?1-2 hours The build you are most proud of? a huge power plant that did not blow up Why do you think our server is right for you? i am a nice guy and i work well with onters
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