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Problems joining server after running overnight

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I set up and successfully connected to, and built in, a new Tekkit Lite server last night.

However when I launch my client and try to connect (and yes, i've quadruple checked my launcher, I AM using Tekkit Lite) and it says now that my mods are out of date.

I deleted the tekkit folder (all of them actually...) and re-ran the launcher, made sure that the correct version was selected, that it matched the server, and I get the same error. What the heck gives?

"Forge Mod Loader could not connect to this server

The mods and versions listed below could not be found

They are required to play on this server

WR-CBE|Core : 1.3.3

WR-CBE|RedPower : 1.3.3

EnderStorage :

ChickenChunks :

WR-CBE:Addons : 1.3.3

I was logged on last night, logged off - went to bed, then tried to get on again today. I've done NOTHING to the server in the 12 hours or so since I was last logged on. I even stopped & restarted the server to make sure. Nothing.

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