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White screen????


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-make sure that technic launcher is off

-go to my computer

-in the address bar type in %appdata% and press enter

-go into .technic folder

-go into tekkitlite folder

-go into texturepacks folder and move all of your texture packs somewhere

-go back one then into your mods folder, if you have a rei_minimap and lots of checkpoints, move that somewhere, now clear everything out of mods folder

-go back one to tekkitlite and go into bin, delete everything out of this folder

-launch technic launcher and try to launch

-you may recieve an error: error retrieving information for tekkit lite, ignore this error

-try to launch it again and you should be fine, now all you have to do is move your rei_minimap folder back into mods folder and reinstall your texture zips and restart the game

edit: do not move your texture packs back until you have successfully started the game, texture packs have a weird tendency of causing headaches in this scenario

edit2: someone sticky this, this problem is becoming more frequent!!

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legoset i suggest making a new topic in bug reports

go into your tekkitlite folder and make sure you include the contents of ForgeModLoader.txt file and most recent crash report file from crashreports folder

Like everyone else, i cant help you unless i have that info, but your better off with starting a new topic, go here: http://forums.technicpack.net/forms/tekkit-lite-bug-report.6/respond

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