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Fuel can plugin/fix


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So I'm running a custom-built challenge server where all power is reduced by 10, recipes are changed to require more materials, and mobs are incredibly more frequent. The power generation is balanced perfectly to make things difficult, yet not impossible, and is very challenging. However, one of the best (and renewable) fuels by far is biofuel, as players will need to create large farms to sustain hunger anyway, and flax drops an extremely large number of seeds. The problem is, as fuel generation is reduced tenfold, the power required to compress/extract/can the fuel exceeds the power gained, making this method redundant, as biofuel/coalfuel is extremely laborous.

I've made somewhat of a fix, by adding a recipe that takes 6 fuel cans to make a bucket of fuel. It's balanced enough so that it's not too much of a gain, but enough that it pays off. However, as biofuel is much cheaper than coalfuel, coalfuel is not as effective as it used to be.

So I'm looking for someone who can make a plugin/server mod that will add the ability to fuel combustion engines with fuel cans for a configurable amount for each biofuel and coalfuel.

Now, as the differing two don't just have a different item id/metadata, I have no idea how this would be implemented, However I do know that it is possible. And bonus points if you can add the ability to put coal coke into steam engines to burn twice as long as coal.

I would appreciate it if someone can design this for me. I'd prefer if it was a plugin, with a config file that can change the amount of fuel given from fuel cans, different values for the two. Anyway, thanks to whoever can do this for me

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