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Railcraft Stone Tie


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Hi everyone.

Dont know if its a bug or not.

I am running the latest Tekkit version on my Server.

Today I tried to build som speed boost rails but I failed since I was unable to craft a stone tie : http://railcraft.wikispaces.com/Ties+%28Part%29

Tried both recipes but both did not work. I checked the official topic on the minecraft forum and the recipes seem to be up to date with the latest version.

Any Ideas ? :(

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All I can offer is a guess: did you use rebar and three slabs, or a stick and three slabs? Because that thing does look kind of like a stick.

If you used rebar, then I'm afraid I don't know. Bring up stone ties in NEI, mouse over it, and hit R to see what it says you should do.

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Not being able to craft the rebar is the reason why the first recipe wont work for me.

When I allign the iron ignots nothing happens.

When I look it up on NEI it shows me the first receipe containing the rebar. But when I klick on the rebar NEI shows no receipe strangely enough....

The wiki states that the first recipe only works if the factory module is installed. I have no idea if this is contained in Tekkit. But if not I have no idea why the second recipe is also not working...

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Another question on this one.

I just noticed while I am able to craft rabars on the rolling machine the actual stone tie cant be crafted on it.

Luckily i tried it on the work bench and it worked there.

Is this supposed to work like this?!

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